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The firm of Whitney B. Damron, P.A., although incorporated as a law firm is a year-round government relations company. We maintain a daily presence in the state capitol during the legislative session and throughout the year when matters of interest to our clients are under consideration. Our offices are located a block east of the state capitol in historic downtown Topeka . We make it our business to be involved in the activities of the Legislative and Administrative branches of state government as well as the politics of Kansas so that we can better advise our clients and effectively represent their interests before Kansas state government.

Services available to the Firm's clients include:

•  Identification and management of legislative and administrative issues of interest or concern.

•  Development and implementation of legislative strategies and initiatives.

•  Monitoring of legislative and administrative branches of state government on all matters of interest or concern to
clients, including meetings held during the legislative session and the interim.

•  Daily review of bill introductions during legislative sessions.

•  Bill drafting, issue research, review of legislative history and related services.

•  Assistance with development and/or presentation of testimony before legislative committees and administrative

•  Facilitate meetings with legislators, including leadership, administrative agency officials and other parties as required.

•  Coalition and consensus building efforts related to the legislative and administrative agenda of the client.

•  Political analysis of State and Federal candidates and campaigns. Provide advice and counsel to clients regarding
campaign contributions and related matters.

•  Association management services, meeting planning and related activities.

•  Monitoring of various media outlets for information of interest to the client (newspapers, television, Internet, etc.).

Related Services.

•  The firm is located in historic downtown Topeka approximately one block east of the state capitol in close proximity to
the statehouse and most state government agencies. Facilities are available for client meetings, including a conference
room and client work area with High-Speed Internet access, a dedicated telephone, copier, fax and printer.

•  The firm communicates with clients through all modern means, including a dedicated 24/7 conference calling line, fax,
E-mail, Blackberry and of course, in-person meetings.

•  The firm has residential phone, fax, copier, E-mail/High-Speed Internet capabilities in order to facilitate client
communications outside of regular business hours.

Fees for Services.

•  Fees are negotiated based upon the interests and needs of each individual client. Fixed contract fee, monthly retainer,
hourly fees or combinations thereof are available. Reimbursement of actual and necessary expenses is a negotiated item
and may be included in base fees.





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